How to get from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport(CAN) to Canton Fair?

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How to get from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport(CAN) to Canton Fair?

There are 5 ways to get from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN) to Canton Fair Complex by taxi, subway, bus, car and DiDi.

Taxi is a convenient and expensive way to go to the Canton Fair. Terminal 1 pick up at Door A10. Terminal 2 pick up at Door 50 & 53. You can tell the driver “Pa Zhou” or “Canton Fair”. Flag-down fare: 12RMB for 3 Km; the distance exceeding 3 km will be charged at 2.6RMB/km. Total will be about 150RMB(25USD). Duration is about 50 minutes.

2. Subway
To reach Area A of Canton Fair Complex, get out from Exit A of Xingang Dong Station. To reach Area B, get out from Exit A of Pazhou Station; and to Area C, Exit C of Pazhou Station.

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
Line 3 Termina 1 Jichang Nan Station/ Termina 2 Jichang North Station –Tiyu Xi Station
Line 3 Tiyu Xi Station —Kecun Station
Line 8 Kecun Station–Xingang Dong Station (Area A of Canton Fair Complex)
Pazhou Station (Area B & C of Canton Fair Complex)
Duration: about 54 minutes;
Fare: 9RMB (1.5USD)

3. Airport shuttle bus
From Canton Fair Complex to the Baiyun Airport
Guangzhou Airport Express offers special direct shuttle bus service between Canton Fair Complex and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in all 3 Phases of Canton Fair.
Phase 1 (Apr./Oct. 15~19), Phase 2 (Apr./Oct. 23~27), and Phase 3 (May 1~5/Oct.31~Nov.4 ) .
Pickup zone:Lane 1, Complex Mid. Road, Area A, Canton Fair Complex;
Service time: 13:00-18:00;
Bus departure: about every 30 minutes.
Duaration:the whole journey will take about 50 minutes
Fare:RMB 25RMB (4USD).

4. Car
Don’t rent a car because of heavy traffic and difficult parking. If some one picks you up and you arrive at T1, you can walk to P1-P5 parking as bellow. Red arrow: 5 mins. Blue arrow: 10 mins.

If T2 arrival, the packing are P6, P7 and P8.

24 hours shuttle buses are available.
1. Terminal 1– Terminal 2
T1 Arrival B Door B13(P4 Parking) → Arrival B Door B5 → P5 Parking → P1 Parking → Arrival A Door A9(P4 Parking) → T2 Door 54.

2. Terminal 1 Arrival A — P2 Parking/ P3 Parking
Arrival A Door A9 → P3 Parking → P2 Parking → Arrival A Door A9

3. Terminal 1 Arrival B — P2 Parking/ P3 Parking
Arrival B Door B13 → Arrival B Door B5 → P2 Parking → P3 Parking → ArrivalB Door B13

5. DiDi
DiDi is convenient to hail a cab as Uber, where private cars, taxis and designated drivers can easily be hired via a smartphone. It is best for travelers who want quick transportation services regardless of the time of the day, and cheaper than a taxi. How to use the DiDi app in English? Please check our another article.

Notes: The above information is for reference only; since the operators may change their service time and content, on-site enquiries are recommended.

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