Why batteries should be used to maximize their performance?

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Why batteries should be used to maximize their performance?

For the traditional nickel batteries, if the charging time is too long, the liquid in the nickel battery will crystallize, which prevent the charger from fully charging. As a result, nickel battery must be fully charged or periodically discharged in order to maximize its performance. However, for SANIK lithium battery, we can charge the lithium-ion battery at any time and at our convenience, which is not as troublesome as nickel batteries.

Misconceptions about the life of lithium: Lithium can only charge 300 to 500 times, after which it should be replaced.

Correct argument: lithium battery life relate directly with the number of completion of the charge cycle, not directly relate with the number of charging.
A charge cycle means that all the battery power from full to empty, and then from empty to full process. This does not mean charging once.

Picture as below,

The above picture show that the battery first charge 40%, after used with a period of time, then charge 20%, after the next used charge 30%, and then the next 20% … … In the middle of this 20%, that is, just added 10% of the electricity, a total of one charge cycle has been completed. And then, to the next cycle.

For example, a lithium battery is used only half of the electricity on the first day, and then it is fully charged. In the next day is the same, that is, with half charge, a total of two charge, this can only be counted as a charge cycle, but not two. Therefore, it usually takes several charges to complete one charge cycle. Each completed a charge cycle; the power will be reduced little. However, the reduction is very small. High-quality battery charge many cycles still retains 80% of the original capacity. That’s why many lithium-powered products are still in use after two or three years. Anyway, if the lithium battery life to the end, it need to be replaced.

SANIK lithium battery life is generally 300 to 500 charge cycles. Assuming that a complete discharge provides a quantity of power is Q, the lithium battery can provide or supplement 300Q-500Q of electricity for its lifetime. If the battery charge 1/2 each time, it can charge 600-1000 times, If the battery charge 1/3 each time, you can charge 900 ~ 1500 times. If randomly charged, the number is uncertain. In short, no matter how filling, a total of 300 ~ 500Q power be added is constant. As result, lithium battery life connects with battery total charge capacity, and has nothing to do with the number of charges. For the impact of lithium battery life, the difference between deep discharge & charge and shallow discharge & charge is little. In fact, shallow discharge & charge is better to lithium battery. Only when the product’s power module is calibrated for lithium battery, it is necessary to deep discharge & charge. Therefore, the use of lithium-powered products do not have to rigidly adhere to the process, the priority is convenience. We could charge the battery at any time, no need to worry about affecting battery life.

If lithium is used in an environment above the specified operating temperature, ie, 35 ° C, the battery power will decrease continuously, that is the battery power supply will not be as long as usual. If charge the battery at this temperature, it will damage the battery much more. Even storing the battery in a hotter environment can inevitably cause damage to the battery’s quality. Therefore, try to maintain the appropriate operating temperature is a good way to extend the life of lithium battery.

If you use lithium battery in a low temperature environment, that is, below 4 ° C, you will also find that the battery life is reduced. Some mobile phone’s original lithium battery can’t charge even in the low temperature environment. But don’t worry, it’s just temporary. Unlike in the high-temperature environments, once the temperature rises, the molecules of the battery heat up and immediately return to their previous level.

To meet the maximum efficiency of Li-ion battery, we need to use it often. So the electronics of the lithium battery is always in a state of flow. If we do not use the lithium battery often, we should keep making a lithium battery charging cycle per month and making a power calibration, i.e. deep discharge & charge.

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