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December 2018

April 2018

6 Differences between Li-Polymer Battery and Li-ion Battery

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Lithium polymer battery generally refers to the polymer lithium-ion battery; lithium-ion battery is divided into liquid lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium-ion battery or plastic lithium-ion battery according to different electrolyte materials used in lithium-ion battery. Do you know the difference between lithium polymer battery and lithium-ion battery? Let’s learn these 6 tips. Relative to lithium-ion [...]

December 2017

Why batteries should be used to maximize their performance?

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For the traditional nickel batteries, if the charging time is too long, the liquid in the nickel battery will crystallize, which prevent the charger from fully charging. As a result, nickel battery must be fully charged or periodically discharged in order to maximize its performance. However, for SANIK lithium battery, we can charge the lithium-ion [...]